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October 6, 2011

Thank You Steve

All the things that can be said about the passing of the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs have been said at this point. I couldn’t begin to summarize his legacy like Stephen Fry does so brilliantly in this essay, or pay a better aggregated tribute than Wired or Fast Company or a dozen other tech sites – Read More –

September 8, 2011

UX Career Guide

My career started in advertising, focusing mostly on web design. That later evolved into UI design for online applications and even physical products. The broader category for the work I do is called User Experience (UX). However, when I tell people outside of the professional Design world that I’m a UX Designer, they usually have – Read More –

March 3, 2010

The red tile

A colleague of mine recently returned from a long weekend holiday to Arizona. In their travels, she and her lover toured the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m not an architecture nerd, so my knowledge of FLW is incomplete at best. I know very little about his actual work, other than how my mother – Read More –

January 20, 2010

MINI reveals the Countryman crossover

Yesterday I was thrilled to see that three photos of the MINI Countryman crossover had leaked a couple weeks weeks ahead of MINI’s planned reveal schedule. With the press embargo broken, MINI decided today to go ahead and let Motoringfile and others reveal the full set of R60 photos and accompanying press release. Motoringfile’s founder, – Read More –

June 9, 2009

Success vs. Dominance

I’ve noticed something in the past few weeks that isn’t at all a new phenomenon, but seems hyper present in our marketplace right now: the artificial confrontation. On Friday Palm launched their highly anticipated smartphone, the Pre, just as Apple was likely to (and subsequently has) reveal the latest version of the iPhone. So naturally, – Read More –

January 8, 2009

Wired misses the point on scooter trends

Frequent commenter RB pointed out this article on about “scooter trends” which turned out to have almost nothing to do with scooters at all. What’s more it appears to be a fumbled rehash of this interview for Taiwan Economic News. I expect more from Wired and am annoyed at the consistent misconception Americans and American journalists – Read More –

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