I love Twitter. It’s the best way to find things like this. Via the Definitive Touch blog:

“Illustrator and conceptual thinker Norio Fujikawa gets full-marks for this radical Jetscooter concept. Based in San Fransisco the designer has a penchant for futuristic ideas, with retro styling, and transport innovation that might become a reality in, say 2025. Until then we can only marvel and this creative genius.”

I can’t help but greatly admire Mr. Fujikawa’s vision with this design. It’s such a magnificent mix of classic forms and the jet age, technological optimism. This is the future I want to live in — a future imagined in the ’60s and perfected in our post-modern cynicism. Where can I get one? Sign me up.

See the original post, including more fabulous photographs of the concept.

Nathaniel Salzman