I’ve decided to keep my 2006 MINI Cooper S, and I’m really happy about it. It’s really easy to get caught up in the allure of something new. The familiar, no matter how awesome, can easily become ordinary. That had happened with my MINI. I’d forgotten all the great reasons why I love this car. I also realized that there isn’t anything wrong with my MINI that can’t be fixed or modified to completely fit my liking. For example, I found that if I simply moved my seat back a couple of inches, my leg doesn’t hit the dash down tubes quite so bad. It’s also amazing what a set of fresh tires and a bit of love can do to reinvigorate a familiar car.

I also found that the more cars I test drove, the more I remembered why I love my MINI so much. The power, the cornering, the raw character and british cheek of it — there really is nothing else out there like it. Even the R56 MINI, as great as it is, lacks the darty splendor that is my Winston. But character aside, this makes the most financial sense. MINI will let me extend the warranty out to 100k miles for far less money out of pocket than purchasing another vehicle. When I look at the math and ask myself, “Would I buy this car for that money?”, the answer is a resounding “Hell yes!”

Nathaniel Salzman