I have a question for you, my handful of regular readers.

As many of you know, I write regularly as an automotive journalist for MotoringFile.com, BimmerFile.com, and ScooterFile.com. I also spent a year as BlueCat Motors’ official documentarian, writing a weekly story about what was going on at the shop and some of my own thoughts about riding old motorcycles. Then there’s my own stories of wrenching and riding here on my blog. I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun writing in all of these recreational and semi-professional venues and I’d like to take it to the next level.

My plan is to submit my work to various motorcycle publications to see if any would have me as a freelance writer. This is not a career change, simply an expansion of something I’m already doing. I don’t see myself quitting my day job any time soon. What I would like to do, however, is find more interesting ways to use some of my vacation time.

My question for you, faithful reader, is what would you recommend I send as a submission? There are several venues to choose from:

Obviously, I will probably submit work from all of these areas, but where I’d appreciate some help is in narrowing the field. What stories have really stood out for you? If put on the spot and asked to recount one of the stories I’ve told in these venues, what comes to mind? What stuck in your head? Have there been any stories you’ve come back to and re-read? Help me choose some winners. I think I’m definitely too close to these to have a good sense of which stories are the most impacting.

Secondly, are there any publications you’d recommend? I have my thoughts, but what are you folks reading?

Share your thoughts in the comments, and thanks in advance.

Nathaniel Salzman