The neglect, it shames me. Fallout 3 has totally taken over my life and this blog has suffered for it. I’ve got site maintenance plus lots of writing to do, so it’s time to get back into it. I’m kicking myself for the neglect of this site, but that’ll improve here in the next few days and weeks. The biggest hiccup of late was the update to WP 2.7 and how it made my theme completely barf all over itself. So I’ve got to go back and redo a lot of the custom formatting I applied to this theme.

As for something to look forward to, here’s what’s in the works for the near future:

DIY: A couple of different versions of the Arc Reactor from the movie Iron Man
DIY: Homemade lathing / machining station
Motorcycles / Scooters: The motorcycle conundrum part II
Cars: Long-term review: 2006 MINI Cooper S

So stay tuned. Actual content to follow.

Nathaniel Salzman