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August 10, 2009

Ride Log: RMB Check Ride #3

August 9, 2009 — The big ride is less than a week away! I, for one, am stoked. This will be my third year attending Rattle My Bones and this year I’m that much more involved. Back in 2007, I didn’t even own a scooter yet, but I payed my $25 for the opportunity to – Read More –

August 4, 2009

Ride Log: Home Safe

August 4, 2009 — Tonight a Jeep Cherokee pulled an oblivious left turn right in front of me. Thankfully I was still far enough away that he only managed to pull out in front of me. Had I been a few yards further along, he might have hit me instead. It was still close though. – Read More –

August 3, 2009

Ride Log: RMB Check Ride #2

August 1, 2009 — When I set off for the Square Peg Diner this morning, I had to check the date. Although the calendar said it was the first of August, the temperature seemed more like the first of October. The partially overcast skies with their patches of sunlight and lightly gusting winds felt all – Read More –

July 26, 2009

Ride Log: Bearded Lady 2009

July 25, 2009 — The motorcycle and scooter community here in the Twin Cities is just fabulous. Each season there are a handful of events that I really look forward to.

July 20, 2009

I want a collection

The contest for collecting cars and motorcycles is over. Jay Leno wins. Which yeah, if I had a bajillion dollars I’d have a two-warehouse collection of cars and bikes too. Jay does it classy though. His shop is a museum-quality display of so many rare and fantastic cars and motorcycles.

July 17, 2009

The KLD E-165 electric scooter. Yes!

This week, the word ’round the campfire is that electric maxi-scooter manufacturer Vectrix is going under. That’s really sad to hear. The Vectrix has shortcomings common to first generation electric vehicles (limited range, limited performance, and long charge times), but as the first commercially available electric scooter, it really is a remarkable vehicle. But I’m – Read More –

June 27, 2009

Ride Log: RMB Check Ride #1

June 20, 2009 — Today The Mrs and I got together with a handful of other scooterists for a fresh installment of what was the highlight of last riding season. We met Joe — aka “Kennylibido” — at the Square Peg Diner in Minneapolis for the first of many test rides of the route for the – Read More –

June 18, 2009

Ride Log: Los Vesparados

June 13, 2009 — Today I rode the same road four times. I’m not complaining, it’s just the way it went down.

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