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December 16, 2008

Fantastic 3D digital short: World War

Computer generated 3D animation has become so commonplace that it’s easy to forget just how difficult it is to work in this medium. But beyond the challenges of producing content in this digital medium, you’ve got to have some nugget of a good story. In this case, it’s a robot battle royale. Hat’s off to – Read More –

December 4, 2008

NS first drive: 2008 Scion xB

The small car segment in America is in quite a state of flux right now. Used to be that compact cars were as unequipped as they were unsafe. The concept of a premium or even a luxury small car in America was completely foreign. More accurately, it was european. But in the last few years, – Read More –

November 26, 2008

NS first ride: ’08 Vespa Grantourismo 200L

This is hardly timely, but I wanted to capture my thoughts on riding my Vespa GT-200 for the first time. It’s a strange thing how for a lot of scooters and motorcycles, the first time you ride it isn’t unitl after you buy it. I get it. Motorbikes require a minimum amount of riding experience – Read More –

October 2, 2008

MPR’s new iPhone streaming player

Minnesota Public Radio is easily the best NPR affiliate I’ve ever listened to. Not only is their schedule of NPR, PRI, BBC, CBC and in-studio programming superb, they offer three distinct listening options — MPR News, MPR Classical, and The Current. This avoids the trap so many NPR stations fall into where they schedule 3-4 – Read More –

September 17, 2008 gives tip of the hat

Todd, db, and special guest Michael Babischkin took some time to talk about the MINI Crossover Concept and gave a very kind mention of my analysis from last week. Thanks, gentlemen. Their discussion of the concept turned out to be very interesting, which is no surprise. WRR is always a fine program worth a listen. db’s comparison – Read More –

September 11, 2008

MINI reveals Crossover concept

Regular readers of MotoringFile learned ages ago that MINI is developing an SAV (sports activity vehicle) for the 2011 model year. The news broke yesterday about MINI’s new Crossover Concept car, which will give us a good window into what to expect in late 2010 debut of the Crossman Countryman factory car. BMW and MINI – Read More –

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