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November 9, 2012

My CB450 featured on

A huge welcome to anyone visiting from BikeEXIF today! I am absolutely thrilled to see my 1974 Honda CB450 featured on what is easily my favorite motorcycle blog. For new readers, I write a lot about my own adventures in fixing and customizing bikes, so do please have a look around. You can find more – Read More –

August 2, 2012

Supporting My First Kickstarter Project

Today I gave $35 to a project for the movie Girl Meets Bike. It’s the first time I’ve supported something through Kickstarter. As expected, it was really easy to get involved, but why this project? Girl Meets Bike hits home on a couple of fronts for me.

November 14, 2010

My new role at

About six weeks ago, I got an amazing offer from someone I really admire. Gabe Bridger — Creative Director, podcaster and blogger — invited me to come onboard as the editor of his well known MINI news blog, I now handle the day-to-day curation and creation of content for the site, and I’m beginning – Read More –

May 20, 2010

MotoringFile gets seat time in the MINI Countryman S

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’m a big fan of MINIs. In the next few years MINI is introducing several new models, but I’m especially looking forward to the forthcoming Countryman crossover. Though it certainly won’t be the car for everyone, it just might be perfect for my and The Mrs’ adventures – Read More –

March 18, 2010

Second thoughts on the iPad

Upon its debut, I was summarily unimpressed with Apple’s upcoming iPad tablet thingy. I don’t hate the thing, I’m simply disappointed by several of its hardware and software omissions. Those gripes remain, but this Engadget story has opened my eyes to what will be the killer feature of the iPad: content.

February 16, 2010

Thanks for reading

I’ve got quite a few big things going on right now, but I’m pausing here to say thank you to everybody who reads me around the web, especially here on my blog. Thank you!

February 5, 2010

The golden nose: A mystery solved

About 15 years ago, my dad built a 1/6th scale radio controlled flying model of Charles Lindbergh’s iconic Ryan NYP, better known as The Spirit of St. Louis. In the two years he spent constructing his 91″ replica, dad extensively researched Lindbergh’s life and seminal, 1927 New York-to-Paris flight. This research showed in the meticulous detail – Read More –

February 3, 2010


I was laid off about a year ago this week. During the time I spent looking for new employment, a thousand ideas went through my head for things I could do outside the world of advertising and design. Two videos from this post by Seth Godin have me wondering now what would I be doing – Read More –

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