This is a repost of a story on 2strokebuzz, but I just enjoyed this so much I wanted to share it here.

Jeremy Clarkson being the motorcycle curmudgeon that he is, even he’s won over by the end of it. Honestly I struggle to come up with many places that’d be more appropriate or adventurous to see by scooter. I may have to add Vietnam to my own list of 2-wheel destinations. My list for now includes:

  1. All the national parks (Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, etc)
  2. Napa Valley in CA
  3. Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Sicily
  4. Greece
  5. Thailand
  6. Sturgis
  7. The Tour de France route

I realize that many of these places would be better explored on a proper motorbike rather than a scooter. I’m fine with that. I want a garage full of bikes and a yard full of dogs. Nothing like travel as a great excuse to buy a Triumph or a BMW motorcycle. Watching Long Way Down these past few days really has me itching for some adventure riding.

Top Gear Vietnam Special – Part 1

Nathaniel Salzman