Nathaniel Salzman is a jack of all trades and master of some. He’s a UX designer, strategist, writer, photographer, journalist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, drone pilot, maker, motorcycle builder, mechanic, and lapsed musician. Originally from northwest Louisiana, this southern transplant has called Chicago home since 2012.

Nathaniel works as a mercenary UX designer, consultant and strategist where he specializes in commerce and digital community building. His clients in this space are typically digital marketing agencies looking to add UX horsepower or leadership to their teams. His company, Salzmoto, is a content marketing agency specializing in the motorcycle industry.

A third-generation inventor and tinkerer, Nathaniel can often be found building things in his home workshops. Yes, workshops plural.

All this seemingly unrelated work is united by Nathaniel’s voracious curiosity and addiction to learning how to do new things.

“I am not a generalist. I am a serial specialist.”

Credits include:

Schedule permitting, Nathaniel is available for UX consultancy, speaking engagements, and feature writing assignments. Contact him here.