Nathaniel Salzman

Chicago area designer, writer, maker and journalist.


October 14, 2009

NS long-term review: 2006 MINI Cooper S

My car turned 50,000 miles this week. With one thing or another needing modest attention, my MINI Cooper S is starting to show its age. Nothing bad, just little things like brake pads and a handful of scratches in the paint. It’s still a snarling, eager little tank of a thing and I’m still absolutely – Read More –

November 26, 2008

NS first ride: ’08 Vespa Grantourismo 200L

This is hardly timely, but I wanted to capture my thoughts on riding my Vespa GT-200 for the first time. It’s a strange thing how for a lot of scooters and motorcycles, the first time you ride it isn’t unitl after you buy it. I get it. Motorbikes require a minimum amount of riding experience – Read More –