Whenever I see something that obviously took a lot of time to put together, but doesn’t fall into the normal realm of what would be considered anybody’s normal day job, I always think this to myself. I just saw this YouTube video, and was about to reply this tired phrase to the person who sent me the link. But as I typed “Wish I had that kind of free time” I realized that in fact, I do. I have tons of free time. It’s not like I go to bed early, well, ever. I don’t work a job that consumes my evenings or weekends on a regular basis. I have no excuse. I have loads of free time. I just never do much of anything meaningful with it. Too much TV. Too much Xbox. Not enough creation. Not enough connection.

I’m consistently excited by what I see on Make. Something about tinkering and inventing just speaks to my soul. It’s in my blood. I know that much. I come from a long line of engineers and inventive men.

So my desire is to do more with all the time I really do have. It’s time to make. It’s time to write. It’s time to do. It’s time to be more free with my free time.

Photo from Flickr user Lipson Robotics. Original here.

Nathaniel Salzman