As I look back over the past six years of feeding content to this site, it’s been an interesting mix of subject matter. I’ve written about everything from in-prompt-to product reviews, to cars, to motorcycles, to just general making. Most of that content has been about scooters and motorcycles. In particular, the Ride Log and Wrench Log have been where most of my long-term readers have come from.

Well those two key features have a new home. That home is now over at Salzmoto, although Salzmoto is much more than just a new home for that blogging. Salzmoto is actually my moto-centric company. Salzmoto is also a destination.


Over the years I’ve done a lot of online curation — a lot of finding great content and sharing it with others on venues like MotoringFile, BimmerFile and ScooterFile. What I’m doing on Salzmoto is creating content that hopefully other curators will want to share with their audience. That means doing things. It means building bikes, having adventures, making tools, and sharing those experiences with the world (with some advertising in place to cover costs).

In addition, Salzmoto serves as a writing portfolio to showcase the work I do for clients like Blue Cat Motorcycle and Motoworks Chicago. In time I hope to showcase even more commission work for projects of all sorts.

In the meantime, if you were a regular reader here, be sure to plug in over at Salzmoto. In fact, I’m going to be re-directing all my moto content over there in the coming days. In particular, be sure to sign up for Salzmoto Premium. What’s that? It’s a way for me to connect more directly with readers over email. I’m going to be sharing exclusive content, offers, story drafts and looking to my audience for input on future projects. This isn’t spam. You’ll get the very best of things I don’t just post on the blog.

UPDATE: Salzmoto began as a brand for my motorcycle-related activities. It has since expanded to be a full-fledged company. We’re taking on our first partners and employees. Our mission: provide world-class digital marketing support for the motorcycle industry. Our work takes a number of different forms, but it starts with content marketing, website creation and hosting, SEO, analytics, email newsletter management, and vendor management. If you need assistance with your motorcycle-related business, we can help.