Nathaniel Salzman

Chicago area designer, writer, maker and journalist.


August 3, 2011

NS Recommends: Misfits

If you’re wholly intolerant to science fiction, adult situations, or raw language, then Misfits is not for you. The show could most readily be described as a fantastic hybridization of the BBC show Skins* and NBC’s strong-starting but fizzle-finishing Heroes. Six young people of an indeterminate age are assigned to the same community service detail – Read More –

January 30, 2009

NS recommends: Dexter

With so many choices of channel and programming, it’s easy to feel like great television is getting harder and harder to find. I don’t think that’s really the case. Instead, I think that the gap between really awful television and truly spectacular television has actually widened. TV has been a wasteland of shlock for most – Read More –

January 29, 2009

Le Wrath di Khan

If this were real, I’d pay good money to see it. “Khaaaaaaaaaan!!!”

January 7, 2009

Top Gear treks Vietnam on scooters

This is a repost of a story on 2strokebuzz, but I just enjoyed this so much I wanted to share it here. Jeremy Clarkson being the motorcycle curmudgeon that he is, even he’s won over by the end of it. Honestly I struggle to come up with many places that’d be more appropriate or adventurous to see by – Read More –