Nathaniel Salzman

Chicago area designer, writer, maker and journalist.


November 5, 2012

NS Recommends: Cloud Atlas

I don’t get out to see as many movies as I used to. I’m busier, and frankly Chicago audiences are, more often than not, really obnoxious to sit with. That said, last week I braved the possibility of a shitty crowd and went to see Cloud Atlas with The Mrs. I was not disappointed. While – Read More –

February 28, 2012

Fireflies and silliness

Last week I was riding the train home from downtown Chicago. Standing just inside the door, I was leaning against the entry wall, my back to the front of the train so I wouldn’t have to hang onto anything. As the north side of Chicago blurred by, I caught a glimpse of something unexpected out – Read More –

September 23, 2009

Los Vesparados photography featured

Special thanks to the folks over at Los Vesparados for featuring my Flickr set of their site. Los Vesparados: The Art of the Scooter Ride Log: Los Vesparados

June 18, 2009

Ride Log: Los Vesparados

June 13, 2009 — Today I rode the same road four times. I’m not complaining, it’s just the way it went down.