Today I gave $35 to a project for the movie Girl Meets Bike. It’s the first time I’ve supported something through Kickstarter. As expected, it was really easy to get involved, but why this project? Girl Meets Bike hits home on a couple of fronts for me. It’s a movie shot in and around my old stomping grounds in Minnesota. It’s being made by friends-of-friends in the Twin Cities motorcycle community. And it appears to be a story about a down-to-earth person who comes to love motorcycles — not some caricature of a motorcycle cliché. The filmmaker seems to be trying to capture all the things I love about motorcycles, especially older ones, and the people who love to ride them. Here’s the somewhat NSFW trailer/pitch:

Honestly, I have no idea if the movie will be any good or not, and frankly, I don’t care. Eric Tretbar is trying to capture something I really care about, and even if he fails, I want to support his attempt. So if there are any fans of old motorcycles out there (you know who you are!), head over to Kickstarter and help get this project funded.

Nathaniel Salzman