About six weeks ago, I got an amazing offer from someone I really admire. Gabe Bridger — Creative Director, podcaster and blogger — invited me to come onboard as the editor of his well known MINI news blog, MotoringFile.com. I now handle the day-to-day curation and creation of content for the site, and I’m beginning to coordinate other contributors as well. Gabe needs the help as he’s extremely busy rockin’ the ad world full time and and being an automotive journalist part time.

I’ve been active on MotoringFile since 2005, which is before I even owned my MINI. I read the latest news, left comments and participated in the conversations. The MINI community, which as far as I’m concerned revolves around MF in a really significant way, is a big part of the experience of owning the car. Much like what I’ve found to be true about the scooter community here in the Twin Cities, ownership of a MINI gets you access to a pretty special community of enthusiasts. MotoringFile is where those folks turn to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest of what’s going on with MINI. The site isn’t sponsored directly by MINI USA corporate, but it is supported indirectly through exclusive information and unique access.

This new role has also opened up related opportunities with the world-famous WhiteRoofRadio.com — the weekly MINI podcast put on by Don Burnside and Todd Pearson, who are gentlemen and scholars both. They’ve made me a recurring guest host for the show. I’ve been on a couple times now to discuss the MINI Scooter E concept from the Paris Motor Show and hope to be back on soon. News from MotoringFile is a big part of the show each week, so it makes sense to have someone from the site involved. I’m not on every week (which is a good thing, as I’m getting pretty damn busy myself these days), but when I am on, it’s an honor, a privilege, and a damn good time.

So though it does take away some of my free time and creative energy that I might have spent here, it’s a great opportunity that will likely open the door to some amazing experiences such as press access to major auto shows, unique test drive opportunities, and unique access to major MINI events. I’m thrilled to be involved and so far it’s been a bit of work, but a lot of fun.

Nathaniel Salzman